Curious about the fastest route to our B & B? Regardless of whether you arrive by public transport or by car, below you will find the directions.

It is paid parking at the B & B, but 400 metres away is a possibility for free parking in the area Nieuw Middelburg. If you choose to park at the doorstep anyway then you can use a discount card! The normal parking rate is €2 per hour, but it is possible to buy tickets with us for €0.80 / hour.

Car from A58:

1. Take exit 38-Middelburg-Oost to Middelburg-Oost/Veere.
2. Follow route to N57.
3. Take the exit toward Krooneveldweg.
4. Take Oostperkweg to Bleek.
5. Take the 1st exit onto Krooneveldweg.
6. Take the 3rd exit onto Oostperkweg.
7. Continue onto Punt.
8. Continue onto Rotterdamsekaai.
9. Continue onto Dam.
10. Turn right onto Molstraat.
11. Continue onto Koepoortstraat.
12. Turn left onto Zuidsingel.

Public Transport:

1. Head southwest on Kanaalweg.
2. Turn right onto Blauwedijk/Stationsstraat.
3. Continue onto Koningsbrug.
4. Turn right onto Houtkaai.
5. Turn left onto Segeersstraat.
6. Turn right onto Lange Delft.
7. Continue onto Korte Delft.
8. Turn left onto Damplein.
9. Continue onto Sint Pieterstraat.
10. Turn right onto Spanjaardstraat.
11. Turn left onto Haringplaats.

The distance to the railway station according to Google Maps is a 12 min walk. To plan a trip you can use the following service:

9292 OV | 9292 travels along with you

It is possible to park at the tiny house, however, this is paid parking. Follow the route on the right to park your car for free.

Free Parking:

1. Head northeast on Bleek toward Bleekersgang. The Bleek is  a one way street, so you will have to turn around, heading to the Molenwaterpark.
2. Follow along to the right (Zuidsingel).
3. Turn left to Molenwater.
4. Turn right, around the Koepoort to Veersesingel.
5. Turn right onto Sportlaan.
6. Turn right onto Jasmijnstraat
7. Turn left at the end of the road to the Zacharias Jansenstraat. From here on out it's free parking.

Pay attention! Veersesingel and Noordsingel are not part of the free parking zone!


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