About us

About us:

It is important that you feel welcome and at ease when you stay at our bed & breakfast. That is why we tell something about ourselves below:


Rob Weterings

Bed & Breakfast Host - My name is Rob Weterings, I am originally from Brabant have been living in Middelburg for more than fifteen years now. I fully enjoy all the beauty that Zeeland has to offer. I work in home care and I love to have people around me.


Hansje Weterings

Bed & Breakfast Dog - My name is Hansje. I am Rob’s best friend and I have been living here since 5 years. I am a ‘Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever’. I like to walk around in the garden, going to the beach or the forest, running around or swimming. If you don't feel like having me and my curiosity around while staying at the B&B, feel free to send me back into the house


B&B Right in Town, and quiet as at the Countryside

Bleek 23

4331 EK Middelburg Nederland

Phone: 06-24203776

Mail: weteringsrob@gmail.com




About us

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